Future of Civil Servant in The Midst of Pandemic and Economic Challenge

We are now living in year of dangerously. To go outside is not safety, because of the pandemic Covid-19, but in the other hand, we need to go outside to fulfil our needs. Yes, it is confusing and stressful also. Many countries having lockdown and self-quarantine, but instead of decreasing the number, the number got infected are increasing soon the lockdown was open. The vaccine is still on test, but none of the vaccine is curable for the disease. Whilst expert still struggling for the cure, all of the nations also struggling for the economic condition. Many countries now in the condition of recession, and also in the edge of depression. This situation becoming major issue for all countries in the world.
Many incentive and policies are regulated to overcome this problem. But still, it is not helping the situation. If we take a good look at this condition, we need to contemplate as a part of the nation and ask ourself as an individual. What can we do as a citizen to help our country? Our loving Indonesia. The land that we love so much, the soil that we stand, the air that we breath, the water that we drink, and also hopefully the ground where our bodies will be buried six feet under.
This situation is delicate and is not just government responsibility to overcome this situation. We as an individual, as a group, and as a whole nations must stands together to overcome this situation. Makes the best of us, the best we can do to contribute for this problem. We cannot be the ignorance generation anymore, because this situation will affect our lives in the present and in the future. We cannot just stand still and not do anything about it. We must hand in hand collaborate each other. Give our best idea to resolve this problem.
In this current situation, many people will become sensitive since they don’t have the job, easily get angry, frustrated about the situation. So, now we cannot hope others to take an action but we do the action. Despite other will follow or not. Especially as a public servant or public officer. We need to make a change to this condition. We get “paid from the people”, it is time for us to contribute. Let just make simple contribution buying local brand or product in the marketplace. Maybe some people regard this as consumptive action, but we have to bare in mind, this is just us helping others. Many people that still struggling for their life, not to become beggar or thieves in the street. They still survive. Let us help them. We as a public officer still get paid monthly without getting cut. But many people our get fired from their job, jobless, or only paid half of the salary or only 25 percent. This situation is very harsh for them. Now, it is up to us to overcome this. Besides that, we will help the economy to evolving again. Bare in mind that we are not only helping one person, we help their family to fed.

Help for those in need. We can also contribute by giving charity for those who are in need. For example, I am taking care of my two cousin at my house. I also hired a maid for taking care of my place. This is because in my believe saying that, in my salary there are also other people rights for my salary. By giving them shelter or hiring others we can help them to survive, their family to survive. Because, once again, we as a public officer have to be very grateful for what we have. We still get paid, we still have our work, whilst others jobless.
Nobody can predict when this situation will be back as used to be. We as human, only can make an effort, find the cure. While in the meantime, we need to find solution regarding our job, our business process. Find the best solution that even though we work from home, but we still can be effective and productive. Many people nowadays, during this pandemic, starting to empowered themselves. Joining online course, webinar, or planting vegetables in hydroponic method, keeping the fish in their backyard for daily consumption. All of this are one of the effort to become autonomous, independent and self-sustain. Maybe we can try this at home. As myself, I am starting to sell some of my preloved stuff in the marketplace. It is not easy during this situation if you selling some of your stuff. But, at least I am trying to make some useful move during this situation. As a public officer or civil servant, we cannot rely from our salary an sich. We also need to be creative and agile in this uncertainty situation like this. I join the webinar and virtual discussion about the need to become agile. Not only a leader, but every each of us need to be agile in this situation. Agile means that we can swift and easily to adapt and adjust ourselves in every situation. In harsh or normal situation we are forced to develop new idea, new set up of skills in order to survive.
Nowadays, many online course with cheap fees spreading thorough social media. Common people can join the online class for programming, we also help the government programme, since the government want to develop artificial intelligent (AI) for doing business. “One apparatus one innovation”. We can be a programmer or creating an application and sell it. Or maybe making a design for promoting some products. We also can learn how to cook or making our own YouTube channel (becoming vlogger), sharing tips how to survive in this kind situation, or DIY-tips that can be done at home, or filming our skills like drawing, making some stuff, and so on. It has many viewers and particular fans for this kind of channel.
I think that’s all my essay about hope for public officer or civil servant in Indonesia, let’s contribute for better Indonesia. We can through this situation, together. Like we used to be as Indonesians!

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