Jealousy is like….
Fire burning the paper

Jealousy is like….
Water spill out the shirt

Jealousy is like….
Wind ripped off the dry leaf from the twigs

Jealousy is like….
Soil pollute the surface

I like the fact that you are jealous on me
People said its a sign of love
But, please
Don’t make u chocked off with jealousy
It will suffocate you, my love…

I need you to breath…
And fill your lung with air, not jealousy
Breath my love….

Fill your body with love my love, not jealousy
Coz i have ever been in your position
I am jealous too u know…

But I try to breath…
Fill my mind with yours
Not jealousy…
Because jealousy never be enough for us…

I love you…
I love you more…
I love you the most…

#poem #poetry #puisi

Diterbitkan oleh ardiansyahsalim


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