The Trial of Chicago 7

Having watched the Trial of Chicago 7 at Netflix leave me with no words. It is mesmerising in my mind, the real fact about injustice procedure in the country where justice and democracy are valued the most. Also relatable with current situation nowadays. The movie itself pictured the protest of the people that want to speak up in Democrat convention in Chicago at 1968. But, all of sudden the peaceful protest turning into riot and chaos. America in 1968, has to deal with so many problem. JFK death, Martin Luther King, Jr. death, Bobby Kennedy death, war in Vietnam, and racial equality.

The trial itself is very unfair and unjust, whereas led by the judge, which is by the end of the movies, based on the lawyer association regarding as “unqualified” (according to bi-annual survey of Chicago’s lawyer association).

The most mesmerising scene is when Yahya Abdul Mateen II as Bobby Seale is being shackled and gagged after he protest to the judge Hoffman he cannot represent himself during the trial process. The scene when Bobby Seale was shackled and gagged is so quiet and bluntly represent how Bobby Seale is being treated.

Despite the movie at the beginning is trying to give so much information regarding the “eight accused” so at first I can’t follow the plot of the story. Maybe because the director Aaron Sorkin, well-known director, just trying to say that the whole point is not in the person, but the trial process and also how the justice systems can be biased, not only in America maybe all round the world.

It gives me a lesson learned and also an example that you must stand what is right, even the haters will always hate. And you can watch the scene before the ending how Eddie Redmayne played as Tom Hayden give his statement before the verdict. Because many doubters upon Tom Hayden and his agenda during the protest. You can watch it when Abby Hoffman (Sacha Baron Cohen) questioning the integrity of Tom Hayden. Only his friend Rennie Davis (Alex Sharp) stood up and defendant him in front of Abbie. And at the last of the movie, we all can watch together, how Tom Hayden used the book of Rennie Davis has been doing all of the time. I am not going to say anything, you just have to see it. Beside that, the movie also pictured the peace demonstration going wild, and if we withdraw during the situation, there has been demonstration occured, like in Hongkong, in USA, in thailand, and also in Indonesia. Eventhough in each countries has different agenda but one thing in common is not easy to protest in peaceful methods. There always been a provocator or “imposter” among us, that will lighten up the situation.

Last, watch this great movie The Trial of Chicago 7 on Netflix!

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